Withings Activite: Because Quantification and Style Do Not Have to Be Incompatible

Find the right balance between functionality and design will be key for makers smartwatches and bracelet quantifiers we earn for your product taking into account that there are fairly equal in performance. Finally and after we take you on the wrist, and there is stiff competition in that area of our body.

The Withings activité It is a model of personal quantifier with flair. Obvious that the company has chosen to give you a look of classic watch but with appropriate touches like Crystal touch and can interact with it. Another detail that we like is that the belt can be exchanged quickly and easily, having a skin model for every day and other plastic for when we want to do sport. Even swim, because submersible.

Moreover, Withings boasts again to understand pretty well what a quantifier need and has provided it with of alarm by vibration, automatic detection of activities such as swimming and dream, and relies on one of the best applications of the segment. For now, this new model only supports iOS via Bluetooth 4.0. In terms of activity data, are analog and somewhat per cent with respect to the total that we have provided in the application.

This watch, Swiss-made, does not need to be reloaded, and carries a button battery which will give us autonomy for a year. His crystal is Sapphire-coated to make it more resistant.

The Withings activité It will be available by end of year with a price of $390.