Will.I.Am Watch Does Not Need a Phone at Your Side: I.Am Puls

As expected, Will.i.am has just presented its first smartwatch, baptized as i.am Puls, and with the peculiarity that does not need a phone at your side to do many things: send messages, emails, and even calls.

How? Because obviously having the circuitry 3 G necessary, a place for a SIM card, and a couple of operators bracket to each side of the pond: AT & T and O2. We could place it in the same league as the Samsung Gear S.

Puls is not a flower of a day, tell us that there are two and a half years of development behind the smart clock. Will.i.am position the product in the field of fashion, but you sold us that with it we will communicate, exercise – it has GPS and motion sensors – monitor, interact with social networks or play music.

Snapdragon and Android will meet again

To do this we have a touch screen, that is slightly curved, and hardware by the people of Qualcomm. Look like any normal to see a small Snapdragon inside, because it is the platform on which it is mounted press Android.

Ending with other interesting facts, tell us that there are speakers, battery is housed along the bracelet, we have 16 GB of memory, and a gig of RAM. The music will logically be an important element in it, since it will come with the subscription to a service based on streaming.

By now there is information from one of the critical points of these devices, the autonomy. But the company have thought that it is a problem that could be solved with clothing that has batteries that can charge the watch. They are developing a jacket that could give two days and livelihood to Puls.

There is also no information about prices or availability. We know that the product has been delayed on occasion, but already it seems that it takes final shape. It will be available in four colors: White, black, pink and blue.

The musician and singer of the Black Eyed Peas, It is well known in the technology landscape for their investments, in addition to having been chosen by Intel as Creative Director and innovation. We recently met a range of accessories for iPhone.