The Quantifiers Will Triple Sales by 2018 and Smart Watches Will Take The Baton from There

The consulting firm Juniper Research has released a report that makes an estimate of sales in the segment of wearable devices. According to its data, in 2018 there will be 57 million in use products to quantify physical activity, tripling the 19 million that according to consult it we will end the year.

That growth will confirm to these traditional bracelets quantifier as the protagonists of the market so far. However, since then be smart watches that will take the baton and become the most popular products on the market.

One clear players in this respect will be the Apple Watch, the smart watch that Apple has already filed but which will not launch until the first half of 2015. According to different reports the company from Cupertino expects to sell 15 million These watches during the first year on sale.

The protagonists in the field of quantifying – with Fitbit to the head – could have problems for this reason, and according to Juniper Research, the Fitbit does not integrate with Apple Health decision could complicate his future. There will be other devices that combine the quantification with some notifications, but according to the consulting firm consumer more concerned with the aesthetic appearance they will prefer those watches before a few bracelets in which “prioritized function over form format”.