The Nose Emerges as a Method of Control of The Apple Watch When You Have Your Hands Full

The Smart Watches Apple still trying to Jell in a market still rather indefinite and that it has not finished consider the revolution that many predicted this year, but they certainly are emerging curious fashion associated with the use of these devices.

One of the most striking is the of use the Apple Watch with nose, something that can be very helpful when we find your hands full for example carrying the shopping bags or cooking. Increasingly more users confess to having used the nose despite looks accusers of people surrounding them.

It has nostrils thing

A new and interesting way is “hands-free”, and has already confirmed that its use is quite widespread. Wristly, a website dedicated to Apple Watch, its Manager, Bernard Desarnauts carried out a survey involving 1,040 people. Of them 46% confessed having used his nose as “input device”, and 28% claimed to not have done but be willing to try.

Use the nose can be difficult but the interface presented by watchOS, the operating system for these devices, allows that in many situations that shape the Visual options perfectly feasible, they say those who have tried it.

Users acknowledge that with practice, one comes to use the nose in a natural way, and that despite the looks of those who believe that users of these watches they are a little crazy “sniffing” your smartwatches. Use the nose also the owners of watches based on Android Wear?