The Community of Developers Is The Trump Card of a Pebble That Fight against Giants

In recent times we are seeing as more and more manufacturers launch your smart watches, and so they take advantage of the theoretical benefits of Android Wear, the platform that Google has created for these and other ‘wearable’ devices. Apple will offer its own commitment with the Apple Watch in 2015, while Samsung has a plan B with Tizen and Sony seem to have left a little behind platform after passing over Android Wear Sony Smartwatch 3.

In front of all of them is the clock that was responsible for the fever by these devices: the Pebble. The success of the funding on Kickstarter campaign showed interest in smart watches, and although the Pebble have been apparently back in sections such as screens or designs, still ahead of its competitors in important issues – battery, for example, but that is not important. The important thing is that developers love the Pebble. And that could be the key to their livelihood in a market that seems to be notable in the coming months and years.

A rich, rich catalogue

Pebble officials announced recently that the catalogue of applications available for this smart watch now has 5,500 different tools, a number of exceptional if we take into account the market share of these products. It is clear that that is very far from the catalogs of mobile as Android or iOS platforms, but Pebble is ahead of Google – and of course, Apple – in number of solutions for smart watches.

Many of these tools are clock (watch faces) designs that allow you to customize this outward appearance, which is the first thing we see when checking device – 4,300 nothing less in the case of this catalogue-while already There are 1,100 native applications and other 100 that depend on applications for iOS or Android.

The CEO of Pebble, Eric Migicovsky, explained recently in Fast Company how your company has captured the interest of small developers, but also There are cases of large companies such as ESPN, Yelp, PayPal or Pandora that you offer applications for these devices. That interest is reinforced by this community of developers who have received the Pebble as your particular testing laboratory in this field.

Developers, developers, developers

The Pebble that Community interest is evident: the development environment that Pebble released last year was somewhat limited, and an outside developer, Katharine Berry, was commissioned to create an environment of web development called CloudPebble which was much more powerful. What made Pebble? Sue it and close the project? Not really: He hired her to work in Pebble and maintains CloudPebble as Open Source project Berry, which created so that that option could grow in parallel with the own environment of enterprise development.

The support of Pebble to those communities is shown also on hackathons in which the company tries to encourage developers to experiment and play with this device. All that support has attracted companies such as Jawbone, He launched his own design of clock and application to Pebble. Its makers, they say, were impressed by the activity that existed in the forums that were discussed the possibilities of these small smart watches.

Fast Company they highlighted for example how community Pebble developers are not motivated by the money – which probably also-, but rather by intellectual curiosity. Migicovsky stated that this device allows developers experiment with solutions that solve a problem first to them, and then to the user community.

One trick that needs to take care of and support with new hardware

Even in cases where companies decide to bet on Android Wear, there are ways to move part of that effort to Pebble. Steven Quach, online marketing manager, explained that they “Android Wear is dominant in the United States, so it is a good place in which to start”.

In Pebble updated the firmware a few days ago to add notifications on which act in a similar way to which had integrated into Android Wear. That makes that even without having native application – for example – We will be able to receive notifications with the address of the hotel in which we are going to stay as he would a watch with Android Wear.

Remains to be seen if that interest of the developer community will be enough to guarantee the future of Pebble, but certainly a significant asset – crucial, I would say. If Pebble can take advantage of it and If does not neglect the hardware -launch new models seems necessary before baking for Android Wear devices that are coming – could maintain its leading position for a long time.