The Collection of Watches Mademoiselle Privé Chanel Presented at Baselworld

The collection of watches «Mademoiselle Privé» It is not for everyone. You have to much like camellias or be a total fan of Chanel. Your single vision is like being in front of a sophisticated and elegant jeweler, who opens the doors to the most intimate universe of Gabrielle Chanel, revealing us some of the most precious symbols for Mademoiselle, and elements who liked to surround himself.

Thanks to the expert hands of the leading craftsmen enamellers, engravers, carvers and precision of Chanel, this collection writes a new chapter in the creative history of brand, becoming the territory of expression of savoir-faire and excellence the métiers d’art fine jewellery and watchmaking.

Characteristics of Mademoiselle Prive watches are as follows: a case in 18 carat yellow gold set with 60 diamonds approximately one carat brilliant cut. The most striking of all is perhaps its new sphere of black lacquer decorated with camellias paillons made in yellow gold, and 3 camellias with eggshell.

To achieve such a feat of thoroughness, has used the technique of Maki-e -an ancient Japanese technique that consists of applying metal powders or decorative materials (such as gold or mother-of-Pearl or eggshells paillons) in lacquer while it is still wet.

The clock hands are also 18 karat yellow gold, and its Crown is set with an onyx Cabochon. The bracelet is black satin lockable ardillon in 18 karat yellow gold set with 80 diamonds brilliant-cut.

Personally believe that we must be collector or have many watches in order to allow you a Mademoiselle Privé. Do not you think?