Test Report Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown

[dropcap1] H [/ dropcap1] today we have a very special watch for you in the test – the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown by Mathis Montabon! This noble companion for the discerning man convinces you especially with his consummate elegance. This Montabon for the Office and for special occasions, but also for recreation and sport is suitable!

Test Report Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown

Packaging and First Impression

Brown reached the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Mathis Montabon and very stable wrapped in a thick padded box.However the Rectiligne Brown itself located in an extremely noble (gift) box in black. Next to the clock itself, still a warranty card from high-quality plastic and a comprehensive and easily understandable instructions for use are in the box. This total package a very very expensive and classy first impression and leaves no doubt that the quality of this Mathis Montabon!

Quality and Processing

A very complicated and superbly crafted, self-winding movement drives the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Mathis Montabon Brown. We could locate no quality defects even after opening the housing. But from outside, something like this can be not recognized. We could discover no scratches, bad processing or materials. Here, too, the overall impression of Rectiligne true Brown Mathis Montabon!

Functionality and Suitability for Everyday Use

In our tests the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne was able to convince even here Brown well Mathis Montabon. Sports and everyday life tests were not a problem for this beautiful Mathis Montabon and revealed many great qualities. For example the scratch resistance of the watch glass (to get a scratch in the glass here is maybe not impossible, but very difficult!) and the extremely high accuracy, which is brown better at the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne cheap quartz watch than for so many.


We are very impressed with the test results of the Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown Mathis Montabon. So impressed that we have made some test twice, because we no longer trusted our own results! A recommendation is here so of course and we like to pronounce it. The Mathis Montabon Rectiligne Brown Mathis Montabon is an absolutely excellent watch and suitable for every watch lover, but also for the “Otto – normal consumer».