Sony SmartWatch 3 Sets Aside Its Sporty Appearance and Metal Dresses.

The third version of intelligent Sony clock was presented to society at the last fair IFA 2014 in Berlin, being the first to incorporate Android Wear as an operating system, but one of its major criticisms was to its sporty and casual body, without possibility of change by belts of other materials.

Even the in-depth analysis we had watch mentions that it’s a good device but other aesthetic misses for other users and apparently Sony heard criticisms, since in this CES 2015 makes his debut the new Sony SmartWatch 3 now with stainless steel strap.

Sony clock shows its more elegant appearance

Practically the design and the features remain intact, the only novelty is the new belt and body of the device stainless steel, giving a more elegant appearance and premium, of course retaining its IP68 certification which makes it water resistant.

Other complaints I received the Sony clock is that generic belts could not be placed as in other clocks, for what also Sony will be launching an accessory that adapts to the body of the device making it compatible with any 24 mm strap.

As well as Sony has announced new alliances to bring applications developed on Android Wear but exclusive to the SmartWatch 3 Golfshot and iFit, experiences of quantification for runners and golfers.

This new design in metal and the accessory to make it compatible with other belts will be available in the coming weeks at a price yet to be defined.