Smartband Is Sony’s Wearable To Wear At The Gym

Cell phones are the foundation of a mobile device company, but nothing prevents the invention of other gadgets. Sony, for example, takes advantage of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to launch the Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet , but also showed the SmartBand. I do not know very well how to call the product, but it sure is a wearable and depends on a cellphone to function with full capacity.

The SmartBand is very reminiscent of FitBit: it has a rubberized wristband format with an internal sensor that accompanies the health conditions of the owner. Through it, it is possible to know how many steps were taken in a day; What songs the person heard; And what photos did you take with your cell phone? Sony reinforces that the gadget accompanies you in physical activities, but also allows you to better understand the lifestyle. It even serves to measure the quality of sleep.

Inside the bracelet has a sensor called Core . It is through him that the system reports on bodily activities. Sony says it is the smallest gadget on the planet. Naturally the advertisement gets forced in this case, since the Core needs to be somewhere to work. It connects to the smartphone by both Bluetooth and NFC, at a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Or underwater: Sony’s Japanese are addicted to inventing products that are submerged.The new high-end smartphone and tablet are like that, as is SmartBand.

Information synchronization is done in conjunction with an account on the Sony Entertainment Network. The Lifeliong mobile app will show the data through daily reports.The software will be released on Google Play in March, according to Brazilian Sony.

This story of sending the data to the Sony cloud is something that worries me. It is time to have clearer – and also incisive – laws forbidding companies to pass on material to partners in the future. Anyway, that’s what you have for today. So if you buy a SmartBand, FixBit or FuelBand from Nike, you will inevitably take the risk.

Sony Brazil did not inform when the product reaches stores in national territory.

The wearables are out and about early this year. Samsung, for example, showed the Smart Watches Gear 2 and Neo Gear 2 also at MWC 2014.