Slim Meets XXL: Large Housings And Narrow Bracelets

It is spring, even if it is only a first excursion. The last days have once again proved that the sun is our energy supplier and life-giver. Without the sun we could not exist and it seems to be hidden behind clouds for a whole time, this makes itself immediately noticeable.

Serotonin, the happiness hormone is only distributed in minimal doses and the energy level drops to a minimum. The more beautiful that the whole country could compensate for these deficits in the past few days and we are looking forward to the spring and especially the spring of fashion with full energy and new energy. It is always exciting to explore what the designers present to us and what trends and developments they have given themselves this time. One might think that everything was somehow already there and so completely wrong we are not there. The art of design, however, is to reinterpret the already existing and to breathe new life into the known things.

XXL is a trend that is familiar to us, just like the minimal trend. Now these two opposites are combined and a new clock is born. Exactly, this means that you can combine narrow bracelets with oversized housings and the result can be quite impressive. The partial oppressive impression of the Oversizse clocks is thereby restricted and the clock works despite the large housing in the proportions harmoniously.

Michael Kors has designed a whole collection in the style. There are quite different models, but of course all of this large case and very narrow bracelet have. My favorite is the Golden, but also the rose gold version with leather bracelet is worth considering. Skagen is actually more known for the typical Scandinavian design and rather less for fashionable experiments, but in the current collection there are also nice XXL watches with large housings and narrow bracelets. Here, designs are available in pink, mint, gray, cream and gold at
With the Heather, Fossil has sent a successful specimen into the race, the mixture of rose gold and beige makes the design perfect. The same model is also available in rose gold with brown. Silverfriends are also to come at their expense, it’s the amelia Metallic Silver.

XXL Wrist Watches