SleepTracker, The Clock That Controls Your Sleep

For 149 dollars this watch Sleep Tracker promises that you will wake up when notice you your body less and more prepared is that time.

It bases its operation in the different phases of sleep that is passed during the night. Once you go to bed, choose a time to wake up and a margin of up to 30 minutes to make the SleepTracker alarm sounds.
Thus, during the night, Watch monitors your sleep phases and when it reaches the margin that you’ve indicated, he decides within those 30 minutes when your body is better able to stand up and then sounds the alarm.

A real example: you have to get up at 7 in the morning, so you indicate you that time to watch and tell him that you can vary that time in half an hour, from the 6.45 up to 7.15. Then, in that half an hour margin clock decides, as you’ve slept that night, which is the time in which you will least notice you wake up.

But in addition, clock save sleep characteristics for the morning analysing what so ever rested.