Olio Is An Elegant (And Expensive) Smartwatch That Does Not Steal Your Time With Notifications

One of the key features of smartwatches is that they connect to your smartphone and start bombarding you with unnecessary notifications and other distractions. Olio is a smart watch that tries to escape this: it monitors your activity throughout the day and receives information from your smartphone to save you time. As well?

Instead of displaying a series of alerts on your wrist at all times, Olio collects and analyzes your notifications so you can view them only when you want. There are two streams: one shows what you lost, such as emails and text messages; The other displays what will happen in the future, such as your upcoming appointments, and offers suggestions for you to make the most of the day.

The watch is connected to Olio Assist, a personal assistant who analyzes your behavior and learns as you use the watch. Over time, Olio can offer suggestions for actions and take care of your calls and messages. How does it work? It’s a good question – the system is still being developed, and the company just says that the operation is similar to that of Pandora, in which you say whether or not you like a song and the service comes to understand your musical taste.

Grandinho, the Olio has a 47 mm box, is constructed with stainless steel, has battery life of two days and will work with Android and iOS. It will begin shipping in the third quarter, but it will be for the few, not only because of the high price: initially, the company will only sell a limited edition with 1,000 units, for $ 595 (silver) and $ 745 (black).

Olio is already being sold on the official website – and more than half of the stock is gone.