NEX Is A Modular Smartband With Great Potential For Mobile Games

More and more technology companies are in search of the perfect wearable, which is enjoyable to use and really useful for anyone who dresses it. Today is the day to meet NEX, a bracelet with electronic modules that take on various roles.

Developed by Mighty Cast, the bracelet should appeal especially to the young and funky crowd, for what the site says. The modules resemble those stainless steel bracelets with designs and letters that were fashionable a few years ago, but only fit five of them at a time.

They can be either decorative or electronic, to show the personality of those who wear the bracelet or assume common smartband functions. But there is no screen, so the notifications are identified by flashing LEDs in each module. By default, the bracelets are sold with four decorative modules and one functional, but it will be possible to purchase other electronics.

Among the possibilities of programming the modules are the display of notifications of the smartphone, monitoring of physical activities and “communication” with other nex bracelets that are nearby. To manage them, just go to the NEX website or use the app to do this. The company still bets on the social factor of the bracelet, encouraging the exchange of modules between friends.

The most picturesque of the functions that NEX can assume may be related to mobilegames: Mighty Cast plans to have modules that connect to games to debut a differentiated experience, either with new characters acquired by the modules (yes,Skylanders type ) Or unlocking, with pecks, power-ups and extras. The company is developing a strategy game that uses these modules and talking to other developers to try to popularize them.

The price of the bracelet is not so heavy: it should cost $ 100 and is currently in pre-orderfor $ 49. The modules should come out for $ 10 each.