New Model Of The Pebble Smartwatch Has Metal And Glass Bracelet Glass Gorilla

Pebble, smartwatch compatible with Android and iPhone , won a beautiful update this Monday (6). During CES 2014 , the company announced Pebble Steel, a new version of the smart watch that features metal and glass design with Gorilla Glass protection. The smartwatch (which was very beautiful, incidentally) will begin to be delivered from January 28 throughout the world, including in Brazil.

According to Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble, the new model is compatible with the current ecosystem, so it can run the same applications. There are several utilities: in addition to displaying the hours on the screen, it shows smartphone notifications, allows you to control the music player and displays information about your physical activity, for example. The connection to the device is made via Bluetooth, which generates an impact of between 5% and 10% on battery power.

Pebble appstore, which will be released in late January, will centralize all the applications compatible with the clock, including simple games, tools to access useful information (weather, news and actions) and remote controls (to take a photo remotely or Until the temperature of the thermostat and the room lamps are adjusted, if your home is technologically sufficient).

Pebble Steel will be available in two colors: Brushed Stainless Steel (silver) and Black Matte (black). Both come with two bracelets: one metal and one leather. The battery, which lasts five to seven days, is charged with a magnetic cable. The screen remains transflective LCD (which they call “e-paper”), which means you can see what the watch is displaying even in the sunlight, and there is internal lighting to aid in viewing during night. The hardware is basically the same, but the RAM doubled from 4 MB to 8 MB. It is also waterproof.

The price, of course, is higher than the model with plastic design. While the original Pebble continues to sell for $ 150 in five different colors (black, gray, white, orange, and red), Pebble Steel will sell for $ 249, priced close to Sony SmartWatch 2 ($ 199 or R $ 999) and Galaxy Gear ($ 299 or $ 1,299).

You can buy it from  the Pebble website, which ships to Brazil and is offering free shipping – but be prepared to pay the import tax if you are taxed. In the announcement, the company said it would begin delivering the watches from January 28, but said it was in very limited stock (the page already shows the forecast to start shipments by mid-February).