Medley: a Couple of Curious Clocks

Come the weekend, rest, and we forget here minutes away from technology, brands and others and we inform you about a couple of curious clocks.

The first is the hub of the image, manufactured by a Japanese company called Rakuten, and is a alarm clock with functions of piggy bank: the watch alarm will not turn off until not you insert a 500 or 100 yen coin (3 and 2 euros approximately) for the slot on the upper side.
So already will be harder hit his hand alarm to turn it off and turn us to continue resting body. Also put the coins away from the clock will have to get up, find… the end of sleep is almost guaranteed. The price, about 50 euros

Via | ForeverGeek.
More information | Rakuten.

This another alarm clock with retro look is very similar to the Accurian of which we spoke a few months ago, but with less technology.

The Retro iPod alarm clock dock It allows to use a list of songs contained in the MP3 of Apple as the first sound of the morning. It has hidden speakers in the clock, has function snooze (that horrible stuttering sound that most of the clocks have and that many hate) and can be used as a dock to charge the player. In addition, it is compatible with various models of iPods.

The price of this retro clock is about 60 euros and sold in Firebox.