Intel and Phonebloks Are Sure That The Smartwatches Also Can Be Modular

It is an idea already presented at the beginning of the year, and do not want to forget. The boys of Phonebloks, well known to ignite the flame of modularity in mobile phones, back with more information on Blocks, modular clock.

The idea is the same, have supported modules that allow us to make a product at whim, Since each offers a functionality or specific specifications. It’s been half a year, and they present us with a new video in which we can better understand what kind of modules have in mind.

In the video we can see the design of modules and are connected, staying with that each of them they will be part of the “belt” Watch. They also let us see that the design of the main part, or screen, can be a module more with different designs:

The company has also had the opportunity to tell us that Intel It has decided to support the project, investing, while getting to put their hardware – and possibly software – the initiative.

We can expect modules offered by GPS, contact, or modem with SIM card payment system. As for the operating system that’s wings to the platform, says that Tizen OS It could be chosen (easy being Intel).