Garmin Is Targeted to The War of The Smartwatches with Its Vivoactive, Android Wear Nada

Garmin It is one of the most known manufacturers in the field of devices specializing in positioning and monitoring, for the driving routes, either for athletes. Had not given great news in the field of the Smart Watches, but it seems that by 2015 they want to change things.

Among their new devices are the Garmin Vivoactive, a few smart watches that have various traditional sensor – pedometer, heart rate, GPS receiver sensor – products with a design in a clear orientation to compete with devices Android Wear and, of course, with the Apple Watch.

This new product, a new step species in the evolution of the family live – Garmin Vivofit, Garmin Vivosmart – arrives as a competitor of other devices in this League the Fitbit surge.

The quantification is still protagonist

Unlike the latter, the heart rate sensor is not integrated, but it We will need to buy a tape $50 that we will adjust to the height of the chest and that, Yes, it is supposed that it would provide a more accurate measurement. Garmin model is also thought to be something more versatile and offers for example use modes that allow you to use it when playing golf, for example. Is also prepared to swim sessions (recognized when we return, for example) or cycling

One of the curiosities of this device is the use of Connect IQ, its own platform that you forget to Android Wear, the key proposal, and that allows changing the external interface of the clock – the famous faces watch – and also install apps to watch.

The Garmin integrates a touch screen of low consumption that allows you to enjoy a autonomy battery up to 3 weeks (10 hours with GPS enabled), and also features water resistance (up to 5 ATM). Of course, it is possible to access notifications of mobile, a capacity that is nowadays indispensable for these products. The Garmin Vivoactive will be available this quarter with a price of $249,99.