Developers Looking For a “Killer App” For the Apple Watch

Two days after the presentation of the connected watch of Apple, software developers say that it won’t be easy to create a so-called “killer app” killer app for the Apple Watch because they must settle for a test mode.

If some are enthusiastic to the idea of developing programs for theApple Watch , others on the other hand express their skepticism about the prospects of a “killer app” for this handheld encapsulated in a wristwatch, explains Markiyan Matsekh, product manager at Eleks software.

A “killer app” that attracts the attention of consumers will be the key to the success of the Apple Watch which is released on 24 April. She could give birth to new businesses in the image of the phenomenon observed with the iPhone. The application of for example sold Instagram photo sharing a billion dollars (944 million euros for Facebook ) and Snapchat messaging service is valued up to $ 19 billion.

slanted developers

Apple has blocked some features on the development kit (SDK) as the gyroscope and accelerometer and the Simulator for the watch does not have access to all the features, the developers say. The Apple group refused to speak on the subject.

“Restrictions are discouraging,” said Markiyan Matsekh, who helped to design an application that allows to control from the Apple watch a Tesla Model S, without the participation of the American car maker of electric cars. For his part, another developer, Mark Rabo, believes that Apple is trying to stimulate the creativity of publishers by restricting some functions. According to him, the challenge “is not to take a mobile phone application and try to get it in a Watch”.

Mark Rabo developed an application called “Revere” linking notes to the agenda. With this application, the watch will recognize when the user takes part in a meeting and display notes previously dictated on the participants for example.

Ryan Taylor, Director of design at Normative Design, the editor who hired Mark Rabo, points out that there is still no “killer app” on watches using the GoogleAndroid system, while they are on the market for two to three years. Apple wants to “get people to think of applications for watch differently from those of an iPhone. This culture change takes a little more time and it is normal,”he said. The Group at Apple has listed 40 applications on its web site during the presentation Monday of the Apple Watch and promised “thousands” of others that are under development.