Bike 360 Is Targeting The Metallic Look

It is the smartwatch that makes the difference in design – with the permission of the LG G – Watch R, and its creators have given an interesting twist to the design to increase its appeal: the bike 360 already has versions with metallic finishes.

The metal bracelet it promised at the launch and are available in two shades (dark grey and light grey) with a thickness of 23 mm to accompany them now “Slim Metal” models, which offer two metal bracelet 18mm with colours light grey, and gold colors in addition accompanying to the frame of the clock dial.

The design of the bike 360, evolutionary

In the new models designers kept other elements of these devices – such as that bottom band that some criticize for sacrificing that “perfect circle” – but the digital “spheres” of both models they would accompany the color of metal bracelets with those same finishes in shades of gold and gray metal both on the inside (by software, logically) as on the outside, with this stainless steel construction that surrounds the area of the bike 360.

Our analysis of the bike 360 already showed the big hits that had occurred in this device, which gave the jump to that round design instead of the traditional square models. Now accounts for the leap into these metallic materials a point of attraction for potential buyers, and that stainless steel frame models shared with skin or previous metal bracelet (available in light grey or dark grey, repeat), is now compounded the frame colour Golden – care, does not mean that the frame is made of gold, is just a coat of paint that actually qualify as ‘champagne’ color -.

These devices would continue therefore the wake of other manufacturers as a Pebble that initially offered a model with finished plastic, more sports, and that then added those versions with aspects, construction and finishing metal, more elegant, like the Pebble Steel we also analyze. Motorola already displays these models available on its official web site, where has different prices for each version:

  • Metal frame (dark grey and light grey) and 22 mm leather strap: 249,99 dollars
  • Metal frame (dark grey and light grey) and 23 mm metal bracelet: 299,99 dollars
  • (Light grey) metal frame and metal 18 mm (light gray) Bracelet: 299,99 dollars
  • Marco metallic (Champagne) and metal (Champagne) 18 mm Bracelet: 329,99 dollars