The three main problems of Galaxy Gear, according to Samsung

Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s first smartwatch, perhaps should have been in development longer before it was released: it was well criticized for its impractical functions and especially for its price – in Brazil, it came for $ 1,299.

The company has already promised an improved version for March or April, along with the launch of the Galaxy S5, but revealed no further details. However, Samsung’s director of product marketing for Samsung mobile, Ryan Bidan, may have given some tips.

At CNET, he listed the three problems that Samsung understands as the main ones of Gear. Therefore, it is to be expected that they will be bypassed in the next version of smartwatch.

The first of the problem is the lack of information that Gear shows. In the original version of the current one, it displayed notifications that arrived in the smartphone, but did not allow, for example, if the content of an email received was read, which did not eliminate the frequent need to have the device in hand. Since this was a simple problem, it has already been fixed with an update.

Another point is a necessary enhancement of voice controls, which is more interesting in Gear’s case than touches: the small screen can make navigation less comfortable than it would just be with voice commands. This can also be the solution to an obstacle that, in my view, is one of the main ones for the popularization of smartwatches: the general impossibility of interacting “actively” with it – for example, replying to messages is not viable.

Finally, Samsung believes that the option to change the bracelet might be a good idea: Gear has six colors for its wristbands, but it is not possible to have more than one and change them; And interchangeable wristbands could make you more versatile. In the first version, the main reason this is not possible is the camera , which is housed in the bracelet. For the second, you’ll have to figure it out, maybe by changing her position or even removing it.

The insights were made based on research and opinion studies from those who purchased and tested the gadget, but there are other issues that the company needs to consider and that are far more critical than the color of the bracelet, such as the short battery life and, mainly , The price – even more so with the competition getting it.