The New Urbane Watch LG Will Ship 4G (and Will Certainly Turn Under Webos)

Three days before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC), LG announced a new version of its smart watch, the Urbane LG Watch LTE. This new edition will ship 4G and will not rotate under Android Wear but an another mobile operating system which will certainly be WebOS, the bone House of Korean.

LG will be able to wait until the MWC, which is held from 2 to 5 March in Barcelona. The South Korean manufacturer has unveiled the new version of its smart watch, the Urbane Watch LTE.

Similar to its sister design, with a 1.3 inches, the Urbane Watch LTE P-OLED screen will be autonomous. No need for the relay of a smartphone to make calls or write SMS, it will have its own SIM card and capture the 4 G. The Urbane LTE Watch LG will ship a GPS and NFC technology, certainly to allow online payments and to compete with theApple Watch on this niche.

Another detail, its autonomy should be higher than that of the LG Watch Urbane with a power of 700 mAh. But the real surprise is its operating system (OS): LG will not leverage Android Wear.

To boost the home operating system WebOS?

Although the South Korean has not indicated the OS under which would turn its new LG Urbane LTE Watch, there are chances that it will be WebOS – formerly Palm webOS – bought in February 2013.

The operating system running on a Linux kernel has already been used by LG on other smartwatch, developed with the automaker Audi and presented to the CES 2015.