Moto 360, The Beautiful Motorola Watch That Is Coming To Brazil For R $ 799

The Motorola is bringing to Brazil its first smart watch with AndroidWear, the Moto 360. When it was first revealed in March, the smartwatch was quite successful, ironically, the round case, differing from the other devices, which typically carry screens Square and uninspired design.

Live, the Moto 360 is as beautiful as the Motorola broadcast images. It will probably look a bit big for those with thinner wrists, but in general the smartwatch is very discreet due to the classic design: in addition to the round shape, the metal ring and the physical button on the side help the Moto 360 to go unnoticed by the least looks Attentive, which is great for those who do not want to draw attention.

If the design of the Moto 360 was a paradigm break between smartwatches, in the features it does not escape so much rice and beans, although Android Wear seems to have plenty of potential. Basically, what Moto 360 does is integrate with thesmartphone to receive notifications and display useful information from Google Now – which is already more than a few smart watches we’ve seen in the past, such as the Sony SmartWatch 2.

Of course, you can answer or refuse calls directly on the Moto 360, set an alarm and start a stopwatch, just like on any watch. By integrating it with an Android and installing compatible applications, which are not yet many, the features begin to extend. It can, for example, assist you in preparing a recipe: in a “bake for 5 minutes” instruction, the application can generate a notification within 5 minutes.

Depending on your time and location, Moto 360 may automatically display a Google Now card telling you how long you’ll be able to get home, just like on Android smartphones.Among the various voice commands available is to show the heart rate – which did not work so well with me in the first few tries.

It’s worth mentioning how strange the bottom of the Moto 360’s circular display is, which is unusable due to the presence of a sensor – you can slap the watch with your palm to turn the screen off, for example. It’s not the ugliest thing in the world, and maybe it gets beaten up depending on which dial you choose for the watch, but it’s a bit uncomfortable.LG was able to fill an entire circle in G Watch R , but in compensation had to put a fixed border with numbers – in this sense, the Moto 360 has a better use of space.

The Moto 360 will be sold in Brazil from this Wednesday, November 5, for R $ 799.

Bonus: Moto Hint Is The Discreet Motorola Wireless Headset

The company also revealed, with less prominence, the Moto Hint. It is a cordless and extremely compact in-ear headset. It comes with an elegant box that gives greater autonomy to the device: the talk time can reach ten hours.

There is, of course, integration with the Moto X voice commands: you can find out the weather forecast or receive navigation instructions without having to touch or even look at the device. By being tiny in the ear, Moto Hint can be an alternative to use the features of the smartphone in a more discreet and practical.

Moto Hint still has no set price for the Brazilian market. The value in the United States is $ 149. Motorola works to launch the headset in December, in time for Christmas shopping.

Originally Posted on September 5th. Updated to include the official price of the Moto 360.