Montblanc Bracelet Wants To Make Your Dumb Watch Smart

Ok, let’s face it: traditional manufacturers are putting more and more technologies into their watches. Citizen has  Eco-Drive Proximity, with Bluetooth. The Tissot has the Touchline, with altimeter and barometer. The Seiko has the  Astron, with GPS and automatic time adjustment. But all these watches do not give up the classic design and are not very smart there. But Montblanc is about to launch an analog watch compatible bracelet to try to balance things.

The e-Strap is a bracelet designed for the Urban Speed ​​Timewalker line of analog watches with a more sporty look. This bracelet is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has a small 128 × 36 pixels monochrome OLED screen that displays call notifications, SMS, social networks and calendar, including vibration support.

The accessory also features other features commonly found on smartwatches: using the iPhone and Android apps, you can monitor your physical activity, as the wristband also features a step counter and an accelerometer. In addition, you can control your music player and use the wrist strap as a remote camera trigger.

It tells Montblanc that the battery lasts up to five days, and the bracelet is resistant to shocks and water. The smart part of the e-Strap is 40 mm long, 14.2 mm wide and 9 mm thick. In other words, it’s not exactly compact, but perhaps it’s more discreet than ordinary smartwatches – and you still do not miss out on the Swiss automatic movement, the Italian bracelet with carbon fiber accents and everything.

And obviously, as we are talking about a luxury brand accessory, prices are not very affordable: the above model, a beautiful Timewalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph already with the included e-Strap, has a suggested price of 4,690 euros (15,000 reais ). The cheapest model is the Timewalker Urban Speed ​​Automatic, for 2,990 euros (9,600 reais).The e-Strap will be sold separately for about 250 euros (800 reais)