Microsoft Band Gains Software Update (And A Tiny Virtual Keyboard)

A Microsoft is updating its smart bracelet software, Microsoft Band, to add new features, a development kit and even a web interface to track your activity on the Internet. Among the novelties, there is a peculiar virtual keyboard to enter text on the tiny 1.4-inch screen.

But why on earth would anyone want to type in such a small display? Is that comfortable?No one knows for sure, but Paul Britton, responsible for marketing the Xbox and Microsoft Band, swears on Twitter that yes: the virtual keyboard supports Word Flow for you to type by sliding your finger and fix the errors automatically. Anyway, if you lose your temper, you can dictate by voice.

Another new feature of the Microsoft Band is the bicycle tile – it shows your heart rate, monitors the elevation of the terrain, and analyzes your GPS speed and location. The data can be seen directly on the smartband or web interface, which Microsoft is launching today.

You will no longer have to scroll the screen to read SMS notifications, for example. Just turn on the new “Quick Read” mode, which will display words in succession with a large font as soon as the notifications arrive – take a quick look at the screen and you’re done. In addition, Microsoft has released an SDK, so developers will be able to create applications that run directly on the Microsoft Band.

For those who already own a Microsoft Band, the update arrives in the next few days. In the United States, the smart bracelet costs $ 199. There is still no confirmation of launch in Brazil – but considering that Microsoft employees are running a Microsoft Band around, it is likely that the smartband will be launched in the country. Perhaps. Someday. Who knows.