Lenovo Also Made A Bracelet: Smartband SW-B100 Monitors Beats And Integrates With Your PC

Many companies are investing in the smart bracelet market, and the newest company to enter the business is Lenovo. Without telling anyone, as noted by  Windows Central , the Chinese began to display this weekend  on its website  the Smartband SW-B100, an accessory that monitors their movements and has a screen capable of displaying the hours and other information.

For now, this low-resolution image is what we have as official

The Lenovo page shows that the key features on any Smart Bracelet are also on the Smartband SW-B100. She can record how many steps you took on the day and how many calories you burned in exercise, for example. In addition, the smartband can monitor the quality of your sleep and display the results on a daily, weekly or monthly chart.

But the Smartband SW-B100 has some interesting functions: it can monitor your heart rate and features typical smartwatches, such as displaying the time and displaying the name of the caller or sending an SMS. Another detail is that if you are near a PC with the smartband on the wrist, you do not have to enter a password to unlock the machine.

The photos of the “Anatel” of the United States show the back of the Lenovo Smartband SW-B100

For now, Lenovo does not say how much the Smartband SW-B100 will cost, nor the date when the bracelet will begin to be sold, but it is likely to hit stores in time for Christmas shopping. According to the manual, the smartband is water resistant, will be compatible with Android and iOS, will have a battery capable of lasting up to 7 days and weighs 22 grams.